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Get to know the different departments that serve as the backbone of Myer Kidney Care and the teams that make sure our mission is achieved.

Administrative & Finance

The department is responsible for the overall operation of Myer Kidney Care in delivering excellent kidney care to patients all over North America. The administrative team spearheads the entire operation and ensures that everything we do is up to standards.

Nutrition & Education

Myer Kidney Care provides more than just physical treatments to patients. We strive to provide all-around kidney care by educating our patients on adjusting their lifestyles so they can continue to live their life. Our dietitians and social workers work hard on providing that needed extra care

Medical & Nursing

Our doctors and nurses embody our values and are at the forefront of our mission of making a difference in people’s lives through excellent and accessible kidney health care to the people who need it.


Our pharmacy offers the medications and supplements that our patients need to support their health, provided to them by specially trained pharmacists who work closely with the care team to help manage medications.

Diagnostic & Laboratory

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used by our laboratories, our doctors get accurate data for a proper diagnosis. This data is also used to plan out a treatment plan for the patient that is tailored for their needs.

IT & Technical


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1075 North Service Road West, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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