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How to Manage Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is a progressive condition with 5 stages. You can help preserve your kidney function and slow down your disease progression by following your doctor’s instructions for eating well, and managing other health conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure (hypertension). It’s important to learn all you can about kidney disease and take steps to manage your physical and emotional health.

Ways to care for yourself

Get educated

Learning all you can about kidney disease will help you make informed treatment decisions.

Plan ahead

Research treatment options even if you may not need them yet.

Living life to the fullest

While taking care of your health is a top priority, there’s also room for everything else that’s important to you. Staying active and staying engaged in your social life and hobbies at any stage has big benefits.

Coping with diagnosis

After being diagnosed, it’s completely normal to feel all sorts of emotions – including anger, fear, denial, or depression. Give yourself time to process and work through the information.

Accept the emotions you’re feeling

Communicate openly so your needs are understood

Focus on today. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus only on the steps you need to take right now.

Build a support network. A good support network is essential to your emotional and physical well-being. It’s so important to stay connected, share how you’re feeling and reach out for help when you need it.


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