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We offer our patients different treatment options so they can choose one that fits into the life they want to live.

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Home Dialysis

Patients can undergo dialysis from the comfort of their own homes. This gives the patient better control over their treatment schedules and allows them to do what they want. In addition, when dialyzing from home, the patient has more time for themselves, their families, and activities they enjoyed before they started treatment.

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and Home hemodialysis (HHD) are the two options available for patients who want to dialyze. The appropriate treatment for each patient will depend on their lifestyle and needs and what their medical team recommends.

If you dialyze in a center, home dialysis is a potential option for you. Consult with our doctors about the types of dialysis you can do at home and switching treatments.

In-Center Hemodialysis

With in-center hemodialysis, patients will schedule three-four hour treatments per week at our dialysis center staffed by our trained kidney health care team. Some patients prefer doing in-center dialysis for several reasons.

  • Trained kidney care professionals administer the treatment to patients
  • Some patients like to socialize with their fellow patients and/or the staff
  • In-center dialysis is done only three times a week, leaving the rest of the week free

Once the patient comes in to dialyze, our staff takes care of all the aspects of the treatment. The access area is cleaned first while the patient’s vitals are checked before staff connects them to the dialysis machine. And while the treatment is ongoing, the care team closely monitors the patient’s vitals and the machine.

Throughout the 4-hour treatment, the patient can do what they want to do while in the dialysis chair.

Another option for in-center hemodialysis is nocturnal dialysis, which is done overnight. Patients arrive in the evening and receive the treatment during the night for approximately eight hours. This is ideal for those who work as treatment is typically done before 5:00 AM.

If you want to dialyze in a center, talk to our nephrologist to determine if it’s the ideal treatment for you.

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is ideal for eligible patients suffering kidney failure at end-stage renal disease or ESRD. It’s a major surgery where the patient receives a new kidney from a kidney donor. When successful, a kidney transplant is the closest to a natural kidney function and is the most effective treatment for ESRD. 


  • No need for dialysis
  • More energy
  • Better health overall
  • Fewer dietary restrictions
  • Longer life

A transplanted kidney’s lifespan can range from 13 to 15 years. However, some transplants may last longer. Some patients also require multiple transplants in their lifetime or have to go back to dialysis when their transplanted kidney fails.


If you choose a kidney transplant, a successful transplant will depend on certain factors.

Good health

The doctor will determine whether the patient is a good candidate for a kidney transplant through a series of medical tests to screen the patient for any medical conditions that may affect the success of the surgery.

Ideal kidney donor match

Getting a good donor match is also essential for a successful kidney transplant. The new kidney must be from a donor with a similar tissue and blood type. If the patient can’t get a kidney from a living donor, they can still find a good match from a deceased donor by placing them on a waiting list.

Right timing

The earlier a patient can get a kidney transplant, the better. And if possible at all, it’s best to have a new kidney transplanted before the patient needs dialysis. But looking for a donor can take time, so some patients will need to undergo dialysis treatments to maintain organ function.

Skilled Nursing Facility

For patients who wish to be dialyzed by medical professionals without going to a center, onsite dialysis in a nursing home or a skilled nursing facility is also an option. This can help reduce the stress relating to being transported for care. In addition, it can give the patient peace of mind when they receive treatment from a trusted provider like Myers Kidney Care.

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